Happy New Year

Happy New Year all! It’s been a great and productive year! I just added a “Freelance” section to my site under “Other Projects”. I realized that I have more and more side projects on the go these days and thought I should share them. Most recently with the Telegraph Journal this past weekend.


Things I’m looking forward to in 2013: Show in Saskatoon in September; continuing to work side by side with Ms. Eleanor King at the Anna Leonowens; moving my studio!Image

Happy New Year

what’s this reality business?

The last 3 weeks have been ram jammed with delights. While in Stilesville, I probably gained 5lbs on mom’s cooking and delicious dinners, watched the cat try and take the tree down everyday and I barely left the four walls of the surround sound, unlimited HD movie cage that is my parents den. Movies seem to be my biggest motivator to get work done, (especially movies that air on the DIVA channel). So I locked on and got another street scene (almost) done for my 10 speed lady biker animation. ( you can click on the image to make it bigger… but of course, you already knew that).

This is part of Willow street. I used to live here. The header of this blog is one of the other scenes, Lawrence St. These are all places I used to live or am just plain nostalgic for, and I’m not sure if it’s relevant to this new piece or not. The character in the story is an interesting, mid 40s – early 50s woman, who I’ve been seeing around Sandwich Towne, in Windsor. She bikes by my place a lot, or I pass by her while I bike to my own destinations. She has a bad, blond, dye job, and smokes cigarettes she keeps in the waist band of her oh so revealing short yellow shorts. She has a pimped out bike. A wire basket in back and a portable stereo, circa 1997, tied to the handle bars, so you can hear her coming before you can see her.

Now why am I taking this lady from Sandwich Towne and placing her in Halfiax? Part of me thinks it’s because I still haven’t been able to separate the two, even though I am constantly comparing them. It’s the same with Sackville, NB, where I schooled and lived for almost 5 years. Perhaps location isn’t important to me, but what goes on there is. You meet the same kinds of people everywhere you go, or versions of them at least. These locations are also overlapping. Moncton (Stilesville), Sackville NB, Halifax and Windsor. I have strong ties in all of these places and although I might be technically living in one, I still feel like I’m living in the others too. It’s as though I am living several different tales simultaneously, playing a different role in each. (I’ve been reading Auge’s Oblivion).

Last week I boarded the bus to Halifax to sleep on couches, and remind my body that it doesn’t like staying up until dawn every night. I probably lost the 5lbs I gained from being home. This past week wrapped up 2009 better than I hoped, and I won’t be surprised if it changes the emotional approach I take to making work. I’m counting down the days until I find myself back in the north end.

I’m back in Stilesville now, and after 15 hrs of sleep and two loads of laundry, I’ve taken over the dinning room table. I am determined to have this 10 Speed animation complete before I board my flight in Halifax, back to reality, Thursday afternoon.

I also used to love train stations. They made me think of adventure and now they just make me sad.

Oh there goes the power…

what’s this reality business?

if the tooth fairy comes tonight, i’m taking you out for dinner.

In dreams:

Buildings: Stand for the imaginative or creative potential of the dreamer. If they are collapsing, it could mean the dreamer is losing sight of their ambitions.

Losing Teeth: one of the most common dreams. Can mean a fear of embarrassment, or an over exaggeration of worries and desires.

Thanks Google.

Here it is, so far… 5 ft x 2.5 ft.

if the tooth fairy comes tonight, i’m taking you out for dinner.

on second thought, i’d rather be in bed

After a few road bumps this morning, I finally made it to the studio. I’m very sleepy and distracted today, but I think I’ve come to the finish line on a new drawing for the Orange Series.  I’m going to put this one away until next week and then revisit it. For now, I need to start my Manifesto, but I’d rather be working on my animation.

That’s probably the most frustrating part about Grad school. As soon as I start to really get into a project, I have to put everything down to do another assignment. I understand the purpose and the importance of the assignments, and most of them are interesting. However, the longer I take to work on a work, the more daunting and less exciting the work is. And in the end, the piece will not be what I originally expected, because I start to care a whole lot less. I tend to start taking short cuts so that I can be finished faster, and then the aesthetic or the work suffers from that. I suppose I can take these 2 yrs to work on that. Geez. 2 Yrs.  Anyway. Here’s the new addition to the orange drawing series. I think it explains itself. I did a similar, smaller piece over 3 years ago when I worked at a call centre. I kept thinking about it lately, and it seemed fitting to do a part 2. “I’d rather be playing twister.”

I'd rather be playing twister
on second thought, i’d rather be in bed

it’s a grey, grey place…but someone has to live here

I got to see much much more of the grey, lonely city that is Windsnore today.  An impromptu Pho lunch lead to some fantastic thrift store searching with Zeke and Lucy. Our missions: TELEVISIONS!

I’ve decided to start collecting TVs like I collect frames. Specifically for this up coming animation that is a 5 channel one, but after today, I think I’m going to continue doing it.  Here’s today’s haul… along with 1 plaster gilded mirror and small round frame, and a special something for mom. (Mom, if you’re reading this, don’t get too excited.. it’s not THAT special). My studio’s going to start looking like Eleanor King’s pawn shop for Sometimes Always soon.

Now I’m on the look out for the “floor model”. We have a sweet one at my parent’s place…. too bad it’s 1300miles away. We hit up 3 Value Villages today, one Sally Ann, Cash Converters, Bibles for Missions and another place I can’t remember the name of, but had some sweet sequin fur sweaters. And if anyone is looking for some awesome Christmas Mugs or Sweaters… now is the time. Prime beaded poinsettia and snowman time.

Tonight’s studio goal: Finish the drawing “I’d rather be playing twister. Pt.2″. I’ll post it tomorrow.

it’s a grey, grey place…but someone has to live here

hot glue blisters and dirty fingernails.

I’ve been plugging away at a few ideas since I got here. One is a new stop motion from a dream I had. The dream was about a friend’s house that he recently bought in Sydney, Cape Breton, NS. So far I have two scenes just about completed and ready to animate.

I’m finding it hard to get into the studio lately. There’s so many other things on my mind like deadlines for papers, presentations and all of this reading I’m trying to process. I hope this blog will help me work out thoughts and ideas that are jamming up the studio time.

Here’s a few stills I shot last night, while listening to the new Lady Gaga album with Chris Lamb. Thanks bud!

The animation is going to be on 5 televisions. Each television will show a scene from inside and outside of the house that has to do with broken hearts, miss opportunities, second chances, and loneliness. The main character is an elderly man who, in the face of it all, has moved into his closet with all his records, books and memories.The outdoor scene still needs some fixing. I need to extend the right side and make some birds that will be learning how to fly. Maybe a few more lawn items too.

I have three more scenes left, the animating and the audio to do. I hope to have it done by December 4th. Donnie Calabrese, whose house this is, recorded the music that will be coming from the record player. I can’t wait to have that track in my hands!

More to come later…

hot glue blisters and dirty fingernails.