Tonight Only

So I curated this show for my friend Amanda. I hope you can come by for the performances this evening!


DaPoPo Theatre invites the public to join them for the launch of two new books: Groundwork: poems (by Amanda Jernigan, with wood engravings by John Haney) and The Essential Richard Outram (poems by Richard Outram, selected by Amanda Jernigan; with wood engravings by Barbara Howard). The launch will take place Monday, October 17th at 8:30 p.m., at the TNS Living Room (2353 Agricola Street, Halifax, NS). Admission is free or by donation to DaPoPo theatre. (Proceeds from book sales will likewise be donated to DaPoPo, to support their ongoing work.)

Jernigan is a long-time friend of DaPoPo, having co-created and performed in their first production, Four Actors in Search of A Nation (2004). Groundwork, her first book, is at once mythological and deeply personal. Its three sections take us from an archaeological dig in modern-day Tunisia, to an unorthodox Garden of Eden, to the seascapes of a re-envisioned Odyssey, in which traveller and maker converse across the distances of sea and tapestry. For fellow-poet George Murray, Jernigan’s poems are distinguished by ‘preternatural craft, heart, and mind’: ‘With Groundwork, Jernigan arrives not as a wide-eyed first-timer, but as a wide-eyed master,’ he writes.

In The Essential Richard Outram, Jernigan collects work by her poetic predecessor alongside wood engravings by Outram’s wife, the artist Barbara Howard, in an elegant selection designed to introduce Outram’s work to a new readership, and at the same time to present long-time Outram-followers with a fuller sense of the arc of this poet’s career than has heretofore been visible. Outram’s poems will be brought to life, at the launch, in readings by veteran DaPoPo actors Kim Parkhill and Hugo Dann. Listeners will have a chance to see some of the poems in their original publications, as well, in an on-site exhibition of Outram’s and Howard’s collaborative work, curated by Melanie Colosimo.

This event is part of DaPoPo’s Live-in Festival. It is being master-minded by DaPoPo Artistic Director GaRRy Williams, and is co-sponsored by DaPoPo Theatre, Biblioasis, Porcupine’s Quill, and the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia. For more information about the book launch and about the festival at large, please see DaPoPo’s web site:

Tonight Only