pack it up, pack it in.

Masters degree obtained. Thesis defence was exactly as I expected: intense and a blur. It’s hard to believe that it’s all over, but boy am I relieved.

I’ve posted some photos of the installation here.

What’s next? I’ve been packing my studio and apartment for the last few weeks. This Wednesday I’ll be making my final trek back to the Maritimes. I won’t be rolling in Oceanside in as classy a ride as I left, (no Pink Lady RV this time), but I am pretty excited nonetheless. Work on the horizon and some straight up down time in the ol’ HFX.

So this is good bye Windsor. Although I’ve complained, I can’t deny that I’ve had a pretty great time.

Shout out  Sandwich Towne

Shout out The Boot

Shout out Lebel

Ambassador Bridge, I see you.

Shout out Halifax, I’M COMING HOME

pack it up, pack it in.

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