No matter what, don’t sleep

As I expected, my first few weeks back in Windsor were a tearful adjustment. Finally, I feel a little more comfortable and I’m settling in for a ram jammed semester.

Next week, October 14th, I’ll be heading back to Halifax, NS for Nocturne: Art at Night to install Alone Now, With All of My Friends in the street front windows of the now closed Carsand Mosher store at 1559 Barrington Street. I’m site #14 on the Nocturne Map, so come on by on October 16th, 6pm to midnight. I’m excited to come home for this event. I was just at my first Nuit Blanche in Toronto over the weekend and my expectations for this media hyped event were not met.

Also next week, as I mentioned in an earlier post, Throwing Rocks will be at the Winnipeg Cinematheque as a part of Salt Water Bodies and Turning Tides: Moving Pictures by Women on the East Coast curated by Amanda Dawn Christie. A lot of awesome ladies are in this screening such as Amanda Fauteux, Heather Harkins, and Tara Wells, just to name a few.

I started a new piece that continues with the themes I’ve been exploring of nostalgia and longing for things of the past, that can no longer be experienced. I’m building a miniature church for an animation. The Church is very loaded piece of imagery, so I am struggling in creating the piece in a way that will not stray the viewer in thinking the work’s purpose is anything other than what I am trying to portray.

I’m also continuing my longing for a place the home represents in desolate drawings of the streets of Halifax. I am here in Windsor, pining for home, obsessively drawing the place, but not the people. Collecting the streets and houses.


No matter what, don’t sleep