Suitcase Living

I wrapped up my final semester of my first year of my MFA almost 3 weeks ago now. My final review in front of the faculty went really well, and from that I’ve got a few ideas on how to exhibit Alone Now, With All of My Friends. I haven’t had the time to sit and really think of the options we came up with since the review on April 9th, because 4 days later, I left for Halifax, NS for the summer.

Since then, I’ve been living out of my suitcases, spending a few days in Halifax with friends and a few days in Moncton with family. The lack of privacy and time and space to do some drawing is really starting to bother me, but that will all change next week, when I move into my sublet for the summer in Nova Scotia. Over the past few weeks, I’ve just been drawing on recipe cards and tinkering around on my computer until I can settle into my apartment. I’ll try and post them once I get to a scanner.I am ITCHING to get to the studio.

Summer plans:

June 20th- July 3rd– Struts Gallery  for Living is Easy. I’ll be sharing Gallery II (the middle space) with Amanda Fauteux. I’m going to do some tests with exhibiting the Alone Now, With All of My Friends piece. maybe we’ll have a party.

I will be doing 3 Summer School for the Arts workshops at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia this summer. July 5th- July 11th: Stop Motion Animation ; July 12th- 16th: Rock ‘n’ Art; and August 9th- 13th: Drawing

July 26th- August 1st is the Annual Ok. Quoi?! Arts Festival and  Sappy Records Music Festival in the Heart of the heart of the Maritimes. I’ll be there. Doing something.

I’ll also be found at the Anna Leonowens Gallery for the next two months doing some Gallery things in the mean time, and this Friday at the David Hoffos opening at the AGNS. If you’re in Halifax, CHECK IT OUT!!

Suitcase Living