lonely hearts

I’m having a hard time being away from all that is familiar to me, which I thought would make losing myself in my work a lot easier.

It’s not.

But yesterday, while the majority of Canada was watching the hockey game, lil’ homesick me locked myself into animating. Here’s the test run for the Lobby Scene in the newly titled, “Alone Now With All Of My Friends”. (You can also find this under animations in the side bar).

The more nostalgic I get about home and my life there, the more detailed and invested in this piece I get. It’s no longer about a man who lost his wife and has given up on the outside world. It’s about figuring out that feeling of being stuck, and looking back on something instead of looking forward. I get lost in my head far too much in this place… maybe that’s good, but it’s also melted the ice queen.

lonely hearts