on the move

My cries to the heavens for a new working environment have been heard! The university has offered me a new studio space in the Eco House on campus!

I am pretty excited about this move. It’s not that I hate where I am now, but it’s a hard space to work in with what I do. I can’t control the lighting here and it’s a semi private space which can be distracting at times. In the Eco House, I’ll be taking up the basement room and will have access to the large common room there too. Ideas are already brewing for installation opportunities and other projects.

I am hoping to move over the weekend so that it doesn’t take time out of my work. So that in mind, I won’t be getting much done in the next while. Bummer. However. Good in the long run!

Green Corridor's Eco House
The Eco House is home to UWindsor’s Green Corridor Project and the collective Broken City Lab (brokencitylab.org).
on the move