what’s this reality business?

The last 3 weeks have been ram jammed with delights. While in Stilesville, I probably gained 5lbs on mom’s cooking and delicious dinners, watched the cat try and take the tree down everyday and I barely left the four walls of the surround sound, unlimited HD movie cage that is my parents den. Movies seem to be my biggest motivator to get work done, (especially movies that air on the DIVA channel). So I locked on and got another street scene (almost) done for my 10 speed lady biker animation. ( you can click on the image to make it bigger… but of course, you already knew that).

This is part of Willow street. I used to live here. The header of this blog is one of the other scenes, Lawrence St. These are all places I used to live or am just plain nostalgic for, and I’m not sure if it’s relevant to this new piece or not. The character in the story is an interesting, mid 40s – early 50s woman, who I’ve been seeing around Sandwich Towne, in Windsor. She bikes by my place a lot, or I pass by her while I bike to my own destinations. She has a bad, blond, dye job, and smokes cigarettes she keeps in the waist band of her oh so revealing short yellow shorts. She has a pimped out bike. A wire basket in back and a portable stereo, circa 1997, tied to the handle bars, so you can hear her coming before you can see her.

Now why am I taking this lady from Sandwich Towne and placing her in Halfiax? Part of me thinks it’s because I still haven’t been able to separate the two, even though I am constantly comparing them. It’s the same with Sackville, NB, where I schooled and lived for almost 5 years. Perhaps location isn’t important to me, but what goes on there is. You meet the same kinds of people everywhere you go, or versions of them at least. These locations are also overlapping. Moncton (Stilesville), Sackville NB, Halifax and Windsor. I have strong ties in all of these places and although I might be technically living in one, I still feel like I’m living in the others too. It’s as though I am living several different tales simultaneously, playing a different role in each. (I’ve been reading Auge’s Oblivion).

Last week I boarded the bus to Halifax to sleep on couches, and remind my body that it doesn’t like staying up until dawn every night. I probably lost the 5lbs I gained from being home. This past week wrapped up 2009 better than I hoped, and I won’t be surprised if it changes the emotional approach I take to making work. I’m counting down the days until I find myself back in the north end.

I’m back in Stilesville now, and after 15 hrs of sleep and two loads of laundry, I’ve taken over the dinning room table. I am determined to have this 10 Speed animation complete before I board my flight in Halifax, back to reality, Thursday afternoon.

I also used to love train stations. They made me think of adventure and now they just make me sad.

Oh there goes the power…

what’s this reality business?