hot glue blisters and dirty fingernails.

I’ve been plugging away at a few ideas since I got here. One is a new stop motion from a dream I had. The dream was about a friend’s house that he recently bought in Sydney, Cape Breton, NS. So far I have two scenes just about completed and ready to animate.

I’m finding it hard to get into the studio lately. There’s so many other things on my mind like deadlines for papers, presentations and all of this reading I’m trying to process. I hope this blog will help me work out thoughts and ideas that are jamming up the studio time.

Here’s a few stills I shot last night, while listening to the new Lady Gaga album with Chris Lamb. Thanks bud!

The animation is going to be on 5 televisions. Each television will show a scene from inside and outside of the house that has to do with broken hearts, miss opportunities, second chances, and loneliness. The main character is an elderly man who, in the face of it all, has moved into his closet with all his records, books and memories.The outdoor scene still needs some fixing. I need to extend the right side and make some birds that will be learning how to fly. Maybe a few more lawn items too.

I have three more scenes left, the animating and the audio to do. I hope to have it done by December 4th. Donnie Calabrese, whose house this is, recorded the music that will be coming from the record player. I can’t wait to have that track in my hands!

More to come later…

hot glue blisters and dirty fingernails.